Real Estate Royale

As Kiryu, players find themselves in charge of their own real estate agency's adminstration. Defeat the rivals known as the Five Billionaires in a strategic battle to obtain real estate, money and supremacy among the elite.

Cabaret Club Czar

As Majima, manage a cabaret club on the verge of closure in Sotenbori. Fight against the "Five Stars," other club managers who aim to control Sotenbori's night life, and become Sotenbori's number one club.

Casino and Gambling

The homeless haven of Kamuro West Park and the Casino located near the Sotenbori River are host to games of chance that make winners great and losers small. Multiply your money through the risk and reward of gambling. With a bit of luck on your side you'll make a fortune!

Mr. Moneybags

Keep and lookout for wealthy civilians known as "Mr. Moneybags" who can teach Kiryu and Majima the tips and tricks they need to manage their time and money!

Learn how tossing cash into the streets can end fights before they start, or use investments funds to swap money between the two characters.

The Catfight Arena

In this fierce, tournament style battle, insane bets are placed on the outcome of the sexiest battles. Average citizens by day, fierce hand-to-hand combatants by night, these women will achieve victory at any cost.

Place your bets and control the outcome in a roshambo style fight where the victor is the one who best reads the opponent.

Telephone Club: Love on the Line

In a time long past, the men of Japan used to head to a telephone club in hopes of talking to and perhaps even meeting a lady on the line.

But these talks can be stressful! Pick the right options, avoid being awkward, and you might find yourself lucky enough to get a date!

Telephone Cards

In a time before mobile phones, phone booths are the dominant way people communicated, and the telephone card was the easiest way to pay for them. The easiest way to sell telephone cards? Sexy women, of course.

The more you find, the sexier they get! Try to collect all 90!

Private Videos

Selected by Japanese fans prior to the game's release, thirty gorgeous actresses have provided real-life video reels for your eyes only! Find them in the game, help them solve their issues, and they may just let you see them!

These videos are completely original and taken specifically for Yakuza 0.

The Embodiment of Lust

Meet. Mr. Libido, a man with a sex drive so strong that he travels from one adult store to another without a care in the world. He knows every beauty in the city, and if you're looking for someone in particular, he is the man to ask. Keep an eye out for him near the city's sexiest spots!

Money Is Power

Forget experience points. In the world of Yakuza 0, money is power, and you will find that you have to literally invest in yourself in order to unlock new abilities. Beat down enemies and watch the money fly - the stronger your attack, the more you earn.

Check out the "Money" tab to see all the other ways you can rake in the cash!

Master Three Unique Styles

A series first, Kiryu and Majima both can fight with three completely different styles that suit your style of play or the situation at hand. Balance, Speed, or Power -- Which will you choose? Not that you have to choose -- all three styles, once unlocked, can be swapped on the fly.

Protect Her With Your Life

While not usually a selling point, the escort battles featured in Yakuza 0 are unlike anything that has come before it. Chart a safe path through the city while holding the girl's hand to guide her. Hide in the shadows or crowds to avoid being spotted.

However, no matter how hard you try to avoid them, sometimes a man needs to stand his ground and fight. When you do, keep an eye on the girl, as threats are still all around her. You may need to put your body between her and danger to absorb their attacks before you can crush these killers!

The Masters of Battle

New to the three fighting styles they will learn, Kiryu and Majima can enchance their fighting abilities by training with the masters of each style in their respective cities.

Kiryu's Battle Masters
Brawler: Bacchus
Rush: Kamoji
Beast: Miss Tatsu
Majima's Battle Masters
Thug: Komeki
Breaker: Areshi
Slugger: Fei Hu
Mr. Shakedown: Bane of the Wallet

When wandering the streets of Kamurocho with pockets full of cash, there is no one to fear more than Mr. Shakedown.

Standing over 6'5", it's easy to spot him, but once you're caught, he will conduct a thorough "shakedown," leaving you yenless. Mr. Shakedown's strength is intensely overwhelming. It can be too difficult to take him in a fight with mediocre skills. If you don't have confidence in your abilities, it's best to turn around and flee before he finds you. The more money you have, the more reason you have to stay away from him.

Even if you lose all your money to Mr. Shakedown, don't worry. Train and polish your skills so you can challenge Mr. Shakedown to avenge yourself. If you defeat him, not only will you get back everything that was taken from you, you'll also claim any extra money that Mr. Shakedown had on him at the time.

Kiryu: Brawler Style

This forceful fighting style embodies the strength held by a young Kazuma Kiryu. It is a fair match against any fighting style with its kicks, punches, grabs and throws. Additionally, it has a counter attack ability that lets you throw a punch immediately after being hit. By staying in control of a fight, this style can bring down even the toughest opponents.

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Kiryu: Beast Style

This monstrous style uses its surroundings to Kiryu's advantage. It has powerful hits and grab attacks when fighting unarmed, but its true strength lies in fights where there are objects lying around. Automatically pick up anything Kiryu can use as a weapon and bash your opponents faces in. You can use this style to crush enemies and weapons into pieces.

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Kiryu: Rush Style

A swift fighting style that uses fast-paced repetitive punches combined with sways and weavings from light footwork. Gracefully dodge anything that's thrown at you until you find the perfect opportunity to dash in pummel your opponent. If you can get in a certain number of hits fast enough, the opponent will fall unconscious and, from there, you can slam in your strongest charged attacks.

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Majima: Thug Style

This showboating fighting style born of the streets suits the young Goro Majima's personality. Its flashy kicks and omnidirectional attacks gather attention, but Majima won't hesitate to go for the eyes or vital organs while in this style. Much like Kiryu's "Brawler" style, the Thug style has various grabs and is the most well rounded his styles.

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Majima: Slugger Style

The Slugger fighting style puts the "bat" in "battle". Fend off blade attacks with your bat and then come out swinging to crush your opponent's guard. You can even use the bat in unconventional ways like treating it as a sword or nunchaku. By balancing the iron defense and iron hammers, you can overwhelm many opponents with this powerful style.

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Majima: Breaker Style

Incorporate break dancing moves in this fighting style to break your opponents. Spin, slam and serve your opponents faster than they can keep up with. Additionally, Majima can strike a pose after performing spinning attacks causing an incredible amount of damage. It may not look like he's fighting, but when Majima is in this tricky style, his opponents will be taken out before they know what hit them.

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Brawler Style Master: Bacchus

A nicely dressed foreigner who's always wandering around Kamurocho, drinking and racking up debt. He clearly once held a job that had something to do with martial arts in his homeland, America, but his past remains a secret.

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Beast Style Master: Miss Tatsu

The toughest woman in Kamurocho, Miss Tatsu is a debt collector known for being able to make anyone pay up. She is so ruthless, people have been rumored to flee the country after hearing Miss Tatsu was coming to collect.

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Rush Style Master: Kamoji

A homeless man who gets by in Kamurocho by earning money as a punch-out artist in a parking lot. He offers challenges to any takers: if they land a single punch, he'll pay them double their entry fee. His evasive skills are without equal.

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Thug Style Master: Komeki

An elderly man who speaks in a very old-fashioned way. He is the sole master of a martial arts style called the Komeki Style that has been passed down since the Edo Period.

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Slugger Style Master: Fei Hu

Using his and his wife's restaurant "Dragon & Tiger" as a front for an illegal weapons operation, this chef from Hong Kong gathers weapons from all over the world. As long as you have money, he can get a hold of the perfect weapon for you from anywhere in the world.

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Breaker Style Master: Areshi

A street performer who dreams of dancing on a major stage one day. He polishes his skills as a break dancer with his crew on a bridge in Sotenbori every day. Areshi sees Majima fighting, and gets the inspiration for a new street performance called "Break Battles."

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