Yakuza 6: The Song of Life


Become the Patriarch of the Streets!

The Kiryu Clan Hits the Streets

What is Clan Creator?

An evil gang, JUSTIS, is threatening both the streets of Kamurocho and Onomichi, and it's up to Kiryu and a few good men to put them down in these epic street battles.

  • Take Command of Your Allies!

    For the first time in the series, participate in epic clashes where you act as the commander of your army!

    Your clan is composed of high-cost leaders and low-cost soldiers:

    Soldiers are split into five types:
    Brawler: Balanced
    Gunner: Ranged
    Heavy: Tanks
    Rushers: Attackers
    Grenadiers: Splash Damage

    Leaders may be high-cost, but they have skills that can change the tide of battle. They can also be ordered around the battlefield for tactical advantages.

  • Build the Kiryu Clan into a Force Worthy of the Name!

    You never know who might be a willing (or unwilling) participant in the Kiryu Clan, so make sure you're out there challenging strong enemies, finishing substories, and scouting out new members. Even old friends and foes may join the clan!

    Leaders Make the Clan!

    Setting leadership roles in your clan expands the clan's influence.
    The more influence you have, the more your Deployment Gauge increases, giving you an advantage in battle. The more you battle, the more leadership positions open up.

    Soldiers Make the Leader!

    You can only deploy up to six leaders, so you'll want to organize your leaders and the soldiers assigned to him strategically. Check the organization chart and plan accordingly to maximize your Deployment Gauge.

    Leaders and Soldiers Turn the Tide!

    You can even set subordinates up for your leaders, which will increase the leader's strength by 10%! The more subordinates he has, the more his attack goes up, but will you focus more on your offensive or your defensive leaders?

  • Organize Your Clan at Your Hideout!

    Your clan takes refuge at La Pente, a café on top of the hill in Onomichi, or at the M Side Cafe, next to the Millennium Tower in Kamurocho. From here, you'll set up your organization chart and deploy your forces.

    Select a Mission and Move Out!

    In your battle against JUSTIS, you'll find story-critical battles as well as sub missions that allow you to level up your team. The battles within both cities vary as much as the city streets, and you'll be needed in both areas to put an end to the JUSTIS reign of terror.

  • New Japan Pro Wrestler Invasion!

    Are you familiar with the New Japan Pro Wrestlers? If not, you're about to be, because they've come to the Clan Creator to kick ass! Yours, specifically.

    Be on the lookout for Okada (Rainmaker), Yano, Tenzan, Kojima, Tanahashi, and Naito, known in Yakuza 6 as the Six Lunatics... Or the core of the JUSTIS gang, determined to stand in Kiryu's way!

    Look for their signature moves in the clan battle, and after you win against them there, you better be ready for a one-on-one fight. They're strong, but as always, Kiryu's fists can be quite convincing. If you manage to win, they'll recognize your strength and join the Kiryu Clan!

  • Take the Fight Online!

    Upload Your Defense Force and Take on Others!

    Battle against your Friends on PlayStation™Network! Your Defense Force can even engage in automatic battles. Watch for daily and limited time missions, as well as ranked raids for competing to become the highest ranked Kiryu Clan.