Kazuma Kiryu

The Awakening Dragon
Member of the Dojima Family,
a Tojo Clan Subsidiary
Age: 20

Voiced By: Takaya Kuroda

Kiryu is a member of the Dojima Family, one of the largest and most powerful yakuza organizations under the umbrella of the Tojo Clan.

After losing his parents at an early age, Kiryu was raised at the Sunflower Orphanage established by the Dojima Family captain, Shintaro Kazama. In hopes of following in Kazama's footsteps, he swore his oath to the Dojima Family as soon as he was of age.

When a conspiracy is set into motion around Kiryu, his position in the family, as well as the position of his benefactor, Kazama, are thrown into jeopardy. To protect both their names, Kiryu sets out to uncover the mystery behind the Empty Lot. With the three lieutenants of the Dojima Family standing in his way, the vacant lot becomes a matter of life and death.

Daisaku Kuze

Lieutenant of the Dojima Family,
a Tojo Clan Subsidiary
Patriarch of the Kenno Clan

Voiced By: Hitoshi Ozawa

Kuze is a former professional boxer and a true yakuza to the core. A talented leader, he is well-known for inciting controlled and targeted violence through the yakuza thugs who serve him.

The oldest of the three lieutenants, Kuze is left in charge of the Dojima Family when Captain Shintaro Kazama is sent to prison.

Hiroki Awano

Lieutenant of the Dojima Family,
a Tojo Clan Subsidiary
Patriarch of the Taihei Association

Voiced By: Riki Takeuchi

Awano is a man of leisure who often finds himself going with the flow rather than fighting against the rising tide. However, beneath his laconic exterior is a cunning man, skilled in gathering information and making good on the Dojima Family's threats.

Although he is loyal to his fellow lieutenants in serving the Dojima Family, he is also an opportunist.

Keiji Shibusawa

Lieutenant of the Dojima Family,
a Tojo Clan Subsidiary
Patriarch of the Shibusawa Family

Voiced By: Hideo Nakano

Shibusawa is a shrewd man with a talent for setting goals and obtaining results. If Kuze is the muscle, and Awano is the public face of the family, Shibusawa is its business side, with a knack for economics.

Shibusawa plays his hands alongside Kuze and Awano, though his cards are considerably better concealed.

Tetsu Tachibana

President of Tachibana Real Estate

Voiced By: Arata Iura

In a city where the streets are crowded with restaurants and night life establishments, Tetsu Tachibana has earned a reputation as the real estate mogul in the shadows for his skill in buying up land as soon as it hits the market. He will take any means necessary to obtain that which is in his sights. Despite his soft-spoken and sophisticated demeanor, Tachibana's ambitions are great. He aims to challenge Tojo Clan itself in his aim to take power over Kamurocho.

Jun Oda

Employee of Tachibana Real Estate

Voiced By: Katsuyuki Konishi

Despite his seemingly flippant attitude, Oda is a man with no fear, even in the face of the yakuza. Using ample funds and a network of information, he is one of few men who can acquire property with the effectiveness of the yakuza. Acting as Tetsu Tachibana's right hand man, Oda is in charge of on-site land acquisition.

Sohei Dojima

Patriarch of the Dojima Family,
a Tojo Clan subsidiary

Voiced By: Hisao Egawa

Dojima's ambitions are matched only by the cruel and ruthless violence he uses to achieve them, laws be damned.

He reigns at the head of the largest and most powerful family in the Tojo Clan, and his personal contribution to the size of the clan is not insignificant. However, a great deal of the family's success can also be contributed to his right-hand man and captain of the Dojima family, Shintaro Kazama.

With the Tojo Clan's second chairman serving in only an acting position, Dojima aims to become the clans third chairman by securing the rights to the entirety of the land needed in the Kamurocho Revitalization Project.

Thus, he commands his three lieutenants to do whatever is needed to secure the final piece - the Empty Lot.

Akira Nishikiyama

Member of the Dojima Family,
a Tojo Clan subsidiary

Voiced By: Kazuhiro Nakaya

Raised in the Sunflower Orphanage alongside Kiryu, he also followed in the footsteps of Shintaro Kazama and swore an oath to the Dojima Family. He is more than just Kiryu's childhood friend, as the two consider each other brothers.

Unlike Kiryu, he has the talent to maneuver himself inside the yakuza and enough ambition to rise through the ranks. Because of that, he finds it hard to relate to Kiryu’s lack of interest. He also has a sickly younger sister who he cares immensely for.

Osamu Kashiwagi

Captain of the Kazama Family,
a Dojima Family subsidiary

Voiced By: Shunsuke Sakuya

Kashiwagi is a skilled yakuza known throughout Kamurocho as the right-hand man of Shintaro Kazama. He is a sympathetic man of duty, manners, and an enforcer on those who fail to adhere to a strict code of yakuza honor.

The Kazama Family is a lower tier family, and falls in step with the Dojima Family that it serves. Despite this, Kiryu and Nishikiyama find a fearsome but wise older brother figure that they can depend on in Kashiwagi.

With Kazama in jail, he finds himself in charge of the family’s business.

Shintaro Kazama

Captain of the Dojima Family,
a Tojo Clan subsidiary
Patriarch of Kazama Family

Voiced By: Watari Tetsuya

A key figure in bringing the Dojima Family to power, Kazama is one of the Tojo Clan's most exceptional men, both in literal strength and strength of character.

He established the “Sunflower Orphanage” to support children without families, becoming a true father figure and role model to both Kiryu and Nishikiyama who were raised there.

He has been in prison ever since a gambling site held by the Kazama family was raided by the police six months ago. During his absence, the three lieutenants of the Dojima Family begin to jockey for his position as captain.

Masaru Sera

President of the Tojo Clan's Nikkyo Consortium,
a Tojo Clan subsidiary

Voiced By: Toru Ookawa

Despite his gentleman-like demeanor, Sera is the leader of an organization that does the Tojo Clan's dirtiest work behind the scenes. He begins to involve himself in the fight over the Empty Lot, but his true motives remain unknown.

Takashi Nihara

Acting Second Chairman of the Tojo Clan

Voiced By: Hidekatsu Shibata

The man who reigns over the most powerful underground criminal group in eastern Japan in 1988. As such, Nihara stands as a god among men, especially to the rank-and-file members of the clan's great families, like Kiryu.


Proprietress of Club Serena

Voiced By: Hiromi Tsuru

Club Serena is a high-class club located on Tenkaichi Street in Kamurocho. While many businesses have their own sphere of influence, Serena's is especially large, and Reina may be the reason why. This is enough to attract Nishikiyama to the bar, who is ever a man ahead of the trends. Although she has an elegant air and calm mannerisms, she has a strong will that doesn’t bend, even against the yakuza.