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The blood of men makes noise in that way of life

Now in high resolution with a high frame rate. Play it on PlayStation® 4

December 2012. Kazuma Kiryu spent his days as a taxi driver while hiding his identity in one corner of the red light district in Fukuoka. All to make important human dreams come true. On the other hand, the Tojokai falls into a one-prompt situation called the Great East-West War. A man who was once called the legendary dragon Will it rise again to the old friend's crisis? Visit the five major cities nationwide, The epic story of “four men and one girl” that has changed life greatly through dreams begins.

Kazuma Kiryu Taiga Saejima Haruka Sawamura Shun Akiyama Tatsuo Shinada

Painted in the five main cities Superb entertainment!

Four men and a girl become the main characters, and a massive human drama based on the theme of “dream” develops in five major cities nationwide.

Sotenbori, Osaka

Sotenbori, Osaka

Tsukimino, Sapporo

Tsukimino, Sapporo

Kamurocho, Tokyo

Kamurocho, Tokyo

Nagasu, Fukuoka

Nagasu, Fukuoka

Kineicho, Nagoya

Kineicho, Nagoya

“Another drama” which draws the hero deeper

Close up to the protagonists who have different lives in different lands. In an unfamiliar environment with a different perspective from the main story Draw their now alive desperately while struggling.

Kiryu Another Drama
“Taxi driver”

Run around Nagasu by taxi! In addition to daily taxi service, race battles with city runners!

Yeouido Another Drama
“Hunting and Survival”

Hunt prey in the extremely cold snowy mountains and survive! Survive on Kashiwajima University and Kawasetsuyama Hunting survival!

Haruka's Another Drama
“Road to the Idol”

My dream is to win the Princess League! Go beyond the rivals of “idol lessons” and aim for the top!

Yeouido Another Drama
“Hunting and Survival”

Hunt prey in the extremely cold snowy mountains and survive! Survive on Kashiwajima University and Kawasetsuyama Hunting survival!

Experience the Ultimate Fighting Action

“Everyone is easy and cool!” Defeat numerous enemies with an exhilarating action! You can enjoy a dynamic battle with the special skills of each hero.

Equipped with a variety of battle systems that incite the battle!

Local heat action

Utilizing the five major cities, Special moves and heat actions can be used!

Climax heat action

Unlike normal heat action, Activated by setting special conditions A trump card that can be reversed once!


Bring big tricks out of what happens in the city! In this work, the story that leads to the enlightenment Greatly strengthen!

Haruka fights in a new battle "Street Dance Battle"!

Compete with the dancers in the city and hone your expression!

Play around the five great entertainment districts!

In this work, Air Hockey, Pachislot, Karaoke, etc. In this work, Air Hockey, Pachislot, Karaoke etc. Sapporo, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka ... !

Conquer the Cabaret in the big city!

Most of the girls' lines in the cabaret club store come with audio. Dialects such as Kansai dialect and Hakata dialect are also reproduced!

Local minigames also appear!

Snowball Fight

Chicken Racing

Recording Session

Noodle Shop

A profound human drama with super luxurious casts

Takaya Kuroda, Koichi Yamadera, Rie Kugimiya, Rikiya Koyama, Tomoyuki Morikawa Sho Aikawa, Keisuke Daito, Nana Katase, Jun Tokushige, Mitsuru Fukikoshi, Junji Okuda

General Director



Omi Union










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