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Five Cities, Five Dreams

Yakuza 5 was released on the PlayStation®3 in 2015 boasting a bigger game than ever – five characters spread across five Japanese cities, each striving to live out their dreams. Kazuma Kiryu escapes to Fukuoka in hopes of leaving behind the life of the yakuza. Taiga Saejima must once again escape from prison to settle accounts. Shun Akiyama travels to Osaka for a business deal gone awry. Haruka Sawamura, playable for the first time, must navigate the treacherous world of the idol business. And newcomer Tatsuo Shinada is dragged into scandal with his exile from professional baseball. The connection between them and the conflict that unfolds is nothing any of them could have predicted.

Bursting at the seams with drama, Yakuza 5 also lets players indulge in the incredible realism of each city’s main attractions. From street races in Fukuoka, to hunting in the Hokkaido wilderness, to finding your inner idol in Osaka, the variety of gameplay in Yakuza 5 is unparalleled.

ESRB rating
Drug Reference
Intense Violence
Partial Nudity
Sexual Content
Strong Language
Use of Alcohol and Tobacco

Yakuza 5

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