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Eight Enter the Arena, One Leaves! "Coliseum"

The Coliseum returns, and it's deadlier than ever! Enter an arena where flames erupt from the floor, one where fences explode upon contact, or brave the Battle Royale where you'll be pitted against seven opponents at the same time!

The Inferno Tournament

Avoid the flames or burn to ash!

Shockwave Tournament

The fence is electrified! Your foes will be in for a shock when they get thrown into it!

Battle Royale

Anything goes in this eight-man (or beast!) melee. Pick up weapons, destroy the weak, and power through the strong.

Battle the Legendary Wrestlers!

Some of Japan's most famous wrestlers make their appearance in the Clan Creator, but you may also face them in the arena! They won't hesitate to use their signature moves, so stay on your toes.