Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

BATTLE / バトル

An all New Battle System

Battle Goes Full Contact

Veterans and Newcomers Alike Will Feel the Heat!

With its trademark style of combat still intact, the battle system has received a huge visual and technical overhaul that retains the intuitive control, face-mashing Heat Actions, and the excitement of coming out on top from a battle with wave after wave of idiots who oppose the Dragon of Dojima.

  • Improved Combat Tracking

    Every time Kiryu launches an attack, his punches and kicks will now react to the position of the enemy, causing the animation to flow more naturally and the enemies to react differently to a gut-busting jab or a bone-crushing roundhouse. Reactions and recoil change when attacks are guarded, too.

  • New Physics Engine

    In the complex terrain of the city, combat now accounts for detailed enemy movement, the geography of the fight, and the objects strewn about the street. Whether a character is thrown, changes height, or gets knocked into a neon sign, the physical punishment will be different based on these many factors.

  • Everything is a Weapon

    Aside from franchise favorites like cones and bicycles, players can steal enemy knives, swords, and guns to punish them for even thinking of bringing anything but a fist to a fistfight. Street objects including chairs, convenience store shelves, and street signs will all get destroyed in a fight, adding all new depth and realism to the brawls.