Yakuza 6: The Song of Life


Eat, Train, and Upgrade Your Skills

Diet and Exercise

The Meal Makes the Man!

Where meals used to serve solely to recover lost hit points, Yakuza 6 takes eating to the next level by rewarding you with valuable EXP! Level up the five skill categories and fill up your Hunger Gauge.

The more expensive the meal, the more EXP it gives, but these meals do tend to make you full faster. Mind the Hunger Gauge, as overeating will not yield any experience. You may even be able to find certain items that aid digestion…

Would You Like to Make That a Combo?

Some restaurants offer dishes that compliment each other naturally, and if you order the set, the experience you earn will gain a bonus! Over 10 real-life restaurant locations are featured in Yakuza 6, so can you figure out what makes a balanced part of a Japanese meal?

An All New Skill System!
Make Kiryu Stronger to Suit Your Playstyle!

Skills have evolved once again, giving you more freedom than ever before to upgrade Kiryu's health, Heat, abilities, and even social skills through experience points.

Want to become a powerhouse? Focus on upgrading your attack and battle skills. Find yourself taking too much damage? Upgrade health and defense. The choice is yours in Yakuza 6.

Completing different activities will reward you with EXP in each of the five categories, so look for ways to build the experience pool you want to focus on.

RIZAP advises you from your training to your diet!

Time to Hit the Gym!

One of Japan's most popular gyms comes to Yakuza 6, where you can train your way to fitness through six weightlifting minigames, including bench presses and jump squats.