Yakuza 6: The Song of Life


Texts, Social Media, and Selfies!

All on Kiryu's Sony Xperia!

Kazuma Kiryu Catches Up to Technology!?

The in-game interface is modeled after the popular smartphone, the Sony Xperia. Everything you do, from your open substories, current mission, experience management, and completion list can be managed right from here.

  • Texting is Part of Life

    You'll receive vital tips and city alerts via text message, not to mention diet plans from your personal trainer, occasional messages from a friend, or even a hostess you're dating. You can respond to the girls with cute stickers, too.

  • Social Media Leads to Trouble

    The "Troublr" app on your phone is a message board where people can post about sketchy activity or emergencies that need immediate attention. And you wouldn't leave someone in trouble hanging, would you?

  • Smile for the Camera

    Press the up button to bring out your camera, which you can toggle between the front (selfie) and back cameras. Snap pictures of townspeople, friends, angry thugs, or interesting sites, adjusting the shot with filters and multiple expressions. Get creative with it!