Yakuza 6: The Song of Life


Dive, Hunt, and Profit!

Claim the Bounty of the Sea

The Sea is Calling!

Sucked into spearfishing for a local fisherman who can't go out to sea anymore, Kiryu heads out to sea to earn his keep!

Get Equipped!

Your weapons of choice in this minigame are spearguns, each with varying spear capacities and power levels. You never know where a new speargun might turn up, so make sure you explore the city and talk to everyone you meet.

These Fish Are Mean!

The sea is home to many dangers! Your air gauge will be depleted if you are struck by a fish, so take them out before they send you packing back to the surface. At the end of each stage lies a boss fish, so prove that Kiryu is the Dragon of Dojima on both land and sea!

Reap the Bounty of the Sea

Not only will your haul net you money and experience, you'll also gain the ability to dive longer and withstand more damage from fish. Aim to become the finest fisherman to don a wetsuit!