Yakuza 6: The Song of Life


Visit Scenic Onomichi!

Blessings and EXP Await the Faithful

Temples and Shrines Are Now PlaySpots Too!

Ryunan Shrine stands at the edge of Onomichi. Senkoji is another popular spot where you can look down upon the cityscape and the Seto Inland Sea. Come and spend a moment of quiet reflection.

Make an Offering for a Blessing

Five jizo statues stand in the Ryunan Shrine, each aligned with one of Kiryu's skills. What do you have to offer them? Depending on the item you provide, the EXP you gain in that skill category will increase.

The Winds of Fortune Blow

Why not pull a fortune from Senkoji's main temple? Depending on the contents, you may get a blessing, but it is told some fortunes are mighty and rare.

Make a Donation for a Blessing

Throw money into the offertory box with successful flicks of the wrist to fill the Blessing Gauge. Depending on your results, you'll gain blessings that increase your EXP or boost your abilities.