Yakuza 6: The Song of Life


A Minigame Overhaul with New Distractions and Twists on Familiar Favorites

The Best-Of Collection of PlaySpots!

LiveChat Brings the Sexy Back

The Yakuza series is no stranger to fun, sexy content and the envelope is pushed one step further with the completely new PlaySpot, LiveChat, with two girls who are anything but camera shy!

Hop into a Chatroom and Start Typing!

You'll be put into a chat room with the other guys who came for a good time, and when it's your turn to type a message, make sure you hit the button sequence to keep the chat fun and playful. The better you do, the more comfortable she'll be!

*No actual chat takes place and all content is prerecorded specifically for Yakuza 6: The Song of Life.
See ratings information and descriptors pertaining to your home region.

Jam Out to New Karaoke Songs!

From rock to pop, you're sure to find a karaoke song that suits your taste in the all-new songs added to the karaoke playlist. Featuring a UI lift in collaboration with JOYSOUND, the familiar rhythm game returns with new a score attack style and all new cutaways.

A Darts Overhaul!

The Darts minigame is completely refreshed for Yakuza 6, allowing you to aim for the high score in rounds of 01, Cricket, and Count-Up. There's always someone standing by a dart board looking for a heated battle in both Kamurocho and Onomichi, so why not test your skills? You never know who you might meet or what playing against a hostess might get you!

The Return of Virtua Fighter!

The 3D fighting game that built an entire era of SEGA games is fully playable in Club SEGA! Easy to play and difficult to master, you can sink hours into mastering your combos, or even go at it with a friend in local two-player.

Yes, it's Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown!

While Virtua Fighter 2 was playable in Yakuza 5, we skipped all the way to Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown in Yakuza 6. Why take half-measures?

Final Showdown features 19 playable characters, new fighting styles, including sumo, judo, lucha libre, and kickboxing, and move lists for mastering the character of your choice.

Please Welcome Puyo Puyo!

The classic puyo-popping puzzle game makes its debut in Yakuza 6!

Puyos fall from the top of the screen, and all you have to do is match four of the same color together to make them pop. How many chains can you make?

Yakuza 6 features an endurance mode against the CPU to see how long you can last. Making chains sends "garbage" puyo to the other side, so get popping!

The Batting Cages Evolve!

Watch the Strike Zone

These crafty pitching machines will throw balls that curve, slide, and sink across the strike zone. You'll have to figure out the trajectory and swing the bat when the time is right!

All New Touch Pad Controls

You can of course control it the traditional way, but you can also use the touch pad to represent the strike zone, and touch the spot where the ball would land for an alternate style of play!

Return to the Retro!

All four retro games that captivated players in Yakuza 0 return to the Yakuza 6 arcades, including Space Harrier, the sci-fi shooter, Out Run, the driving simulator that defined the genre, Super Hang-On, the high octane motorcycle racing game, and Fantasy Zone, one of the original side-scrolling shooters.

You won't have to unlock any of these bad boys. Just roll into an arcade and put up the yen!

Mahjong Is Back Too!

What would Yakuza be without this tactical gambling game to put your skills to the test? New to the Western version of mahjong, the tiles have been marked to help you plan your hands without needing a kanji dictionary at your side.