Yakuza 6: The Song of Life


Endear Yourself to the Locals!

Eat, Sing, Drink, and Play

Even Bars Have a Hierarchy!

When Kiryu enters the local bar, he's nothing but a stranger, but through frequent visits and lively conversations, he'll become the talk of the town. Deepen your friendships with each local and aim to become the kind of man people talk about at bars.

Friends Are Made over Drinks

The regulars at the bar are always talking with each other, so why not join in? The deeper your relationship becomes, the more they will confide in you. Be sincere and listen like a good friend, and you may find yourself wishing you never had to leave.

Words Matter!

In special conversation events, you'll be part of the crowd, so you better make sure you don't say anything too crazy. Select responses that keep the conversation going without drawing attention to yourself or making things awkward, and you'll do just fine!

Karaoke and Darts

The bar has a brand-new karaoke machine and a darts board for passing the time. You never know who might be listening to those dulcet tones or who wants to go a round, so hit the machines and see what happens!