Yakuza 6: The Song of Life


Kiryu is Managing a Baseball Team!?

Step Up to the Plate to Dominate Onomichi!

Take Your Team to the Top!

In classic Kiryu style, he suddenly finds himself captain of a flagging amateur baseball team, the Setouchi Warriors. They need to be whipped into shape, and Kiryu is the man for the job.

Swing for the Fences and Lead Your Team to Victory!

The game plays out in simulation style, but you'll need to take control at clutch moments in the game. If your at-bat goes well, the whole team will get a confidence boost, so dig your cleats in! But don't stress. If you strike out, the team won't think any less of you.

These Pitchers Are Throwing Heat!

The pitchers make use of a number of real-life baseball throwing techniques to deliver fastballs, curveballs, splitters, and even the notorious "one-seam." You'll have to watch for sneaky balls, too, so keep your eye on the ball and make sure you only swing if it's in the strike zone.

Scout New Athletes in the City!

With baseball being a popular pastime in Onomichi, there are bound to be some players with hidden talents around the city. See if you can find them and round out your team with as many members and skills as you can.

Train Your Team for the Big Game!

Matches yield Training Tickets, which you can use to strengthen the abilities of your fielders, batters, and pitchers. The more they grow, the more they play, the more likely you are to be able to take on the increasingly powerful teams who will take notice of your efforts. Do you think you could take on some pro-ballers?