Yakuza 6: The Song of Life


A City Changing with the Times

Kamurocho, Tokyo

Wet asphalt reflects the glowing neon signs dotting Japan's largest red-light district, Kamurocho. Time marches forward in this city, where dreams come true as easily as they are dashed upon the pavement. The 2012 conflict shook the entire town, but just as things were returning to life as usual for both the citizens and the Tojo Clan, a fire breaks out in the immigrant district of Little Asia, opening the door for a foreign invasion. Conflict stirs anew.

The Tojo Clan, the triads, and the Korean mafia all begin to stake out their turf. The all-too-familiar tension returns to the streets.

A City Stuck Behind the Times

Onomichi Jingaicho, Hiroshima

A quiet port town nestled deep in Hiroshima. Once a prosperous fishing village before the war, continued economic recessions have taken their toll, and the streets have fallen quiet.

A red-light district that once drank the desires of men of the sea has now become a mishmash of dive bars, dead during the day, hushed in the night.

A town where everyone knows their neighbors does not take kindly to strangers, and anyone from the outside would be unable to avoid drawing attention.

And yet, the sleepy little town is of great value to the criminal underworld.

The Yomei Alliance, the third-largest yakuza organization behind both the Tojo Clan and the Omi Alliance has never set foot outside its borders, remaining neutral in all conflicts outside their land.

Enter the fourth chairman of the Tojo Clan, Kazuma Kiryu...

Popular Onomichi Destinations

  • Ryunan Shrine

    A shrine that has stood in Onomichi for ages. There was a time when it would draw crowds of worshippers, but as the population dropped, the shrine stands mostly alone. However, the locals still use this place as a meeting spot. There are also legends that if you make offerings to the five jizo statues on the grounds, your wishes will come true.

  • The Central Shopping District

    Stores line the path that support the town’s everyday life, but for many of these once bustling shops, the shutters have been down for far too long. The town has taken it upon itself to attempt to revive the area with a cute new mascot, but are they seeing results?

  • La Pente

    A French restaurant hidden in the hillside of Onomichi. It’s a stylish little place, recently renovated to an open terrace. The owner himself is an imposing, burly man, but all who taste his cooking have only rave reviews. A popular date spot among the locals, they enjoy authentic French cuisine including ratatouille and Rossini. The Kiryu Clan uses this as their base of operations.

  • Cemetery

    A long-deserted cemetery, many of the gravestones too faded and old to even remember who they once memorialized. Creepy enough during the day, and a place to avoid entirely at night. Naturally, the locals whisper of ghastly rumors...

    But is anyone brave enough to check them out?

  • The Bar District

    The old red-light district was once a bustling nightlife spot, but now the bars that dot the region are lucky to attract a few locals to drown their sorrows. It is here where Kiryu finds Kiyomi's bar, and it also happens to be the primary stomping ground of the Hirose Family, a local group of yakuza.

  • Jingai Ferry Dock

    Once a bustling port with ferries and tankers pulling in and out of the harbor, the water has grown still with time. But even today, the old wharf is the launching point for a number of fishing ships that depend on it for their livelihoods.