The Entertainment Capital of the East

Kamurocho in 1988 is the city of dreams - if you can dream it, you can achieve it. The city is a bastion of high class restaurants, night life establishments, and gambling houses. Businessmen wave 10,000 yen bills to stop a taxi. Women are dressed in the risque and confident looks of a boom time economy. The city is filled with discos, telephone clubs, luxury shops and quality entertainment establishments. Yet the underbelly of this prosperous city is also home to eastern Japan's largest yakuza organization, the Tojo Clan. Their territorial battles make one of the most exciting cities in the east also one of the most dangerous.


The Entertainment Capital of the West

Sotenbori is the entertainment capital of the west that rivals Kamurocho. The city is split in east and west by the Sotenbori River, with one side being the lively "Sotenbori Street" and the other having a more underground feel called the "Shofukucho." However, similar to how Kamurocho is the home to the Tojo Clan, Sotenbori is home to western Japan's largest yakuza organization, the Omi Alliance. Even for the Tojo Clan, Sotenbori is an area that cannot be touched, and any who break that rule will most certainly lose their life.


A Living City With 100 Stories to Tell!

There are 100 substories available in Yakuza 0! Through the laughter and tears, you'll discover the stories of citizens who run the gamut of its cultures. You may even run into familiar faces from the Yakuza series during their younger days. A true fan needs to complete them all!


Embrace the competition!
Only the Strongest Survive!

After being invited to ride a shady houseboat, you arrive at a coliseum! Some of the strongest fighters in the world gather here, so it's a great place to put your skills to the test.

Play for Free and Earn Rewards!

Money isn't necessary to play Shogi, and if you win, you'll be given a gift as a reward. It's definitely a spot to remember.

Reel in the Relaxation

You can fish at the wharfs in Tokyo and at the Sotenbori River in Osaka. Step aside from the clamor of city life to quietly let your fishing bait float in the water and wait for the fish to come. It's a great way to unwind after a fierce battle. Who knows what you'll pull up?

Enjoy the Night Life in Style

Enjoy this stylish and modern spot where you can drink and play some darts and billiards. It's even a great spot for bringing girls on dates! You can even take on high-stakes gambling only possible in the high life of the 80s.

The Timeless Classic!

At the mahjong parlor, you can enjoy a realistic game of mahjong with tables of varying difficulty. In a game at a strong table, the rate of money you bet with becomes higher. If you lose the game horribly, you can end up losing everything you have. It happens more often than you'd think, so be careful.

Belt Out the 80s!

The popular karaoke mini-game returns! This game's karaoke bar is made to match karaoke of the '80s era. Sing passionately with friends, or put in original interjections to add some excitement to the song. You can also invite girls here on a date, or just have a drink.

A Race for All Ages!

Customize a model car and race them against each other in this new mini-game, the Pocket Circuit.

Kids love it, but even adults get caught up in the rush of Pocket Circuit. Many customers come here to play in the circuits made especially for this racing game in Kamurocho. Gather over 100 parts and create the fastest machine!

Roll a Strike!

Mach Bowl is the bowling mini-game you already know from previous installments in the series. The decor inside and out, however, has been changed to fit the period. This will be a real treat for people who have been to bowling alleys back then.

Watch for special bowling events!

The Retro SEGA Arcade

From UFO catchers to arcade games, the game center has become "Hi-Tech Land SEGA" to match the real life arcades from that era. Nostalgic for some and "unique" to others, you're sure to find something that suits your style.

Look for four retro Sega games to play in the game center: Space Harrier, Fantasy Zone, Super Hang-On and Out Run.

There is even a leaderboard to bring back the old school feeling of playing at an arcade. Achieve new high scores, and become the number one gamer in Kamurocho and Sotenbori.

Disco Fever Time!

The discotheque is the true symbol of '80s Japan's night life! For Yakuza 0, we collaborated with the popular disco hall "Maharaja" to faithfully recreated a true '80s experience. You can dance alone, call a girl to join you, or have a dance battle with a rival. Show off your dancing skills and earn the attention of everyone on the dance floor to become a dancer of legend!